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Rental Services

Over many years of troubleshooting audio and video equipment, certain items of test equipment have proved invaluable at Myring Wiring. Some of these are now available
on a rental basis to engineers, designers, and manufacturers (initially within the UK only).

Audio Precision systems are industry-standard for audio measurement, and a
comprehensive range is available. If you are developing a new product, need to
increase production on an existing line, or you are simply waiting for your own
system to be repaired or calibrated, you may find rental to be a cost-effective option.

Prism Sound are highly regarded for their digital audio products, and they have
turned their expertise to the design of an audio test set, the dScope Series III.

Products from other leading manufacturers including Aardvark, CB Electronics,
Motionworks and NVision provide solutions for clocking and machine control.

SMPTE/EBU time code generators and analyzers from Avitel, Alpermann & Velte and Brainstorm are available for testing equipment which uses LTC or VITC.

For further information, please use "rental at myringwiring dot co dot uk".

An update for 2021:

This is the text of my reply to a recent enquiry:

Thank you for the enquiry. I still have the equipment but I no longer offer a rental service on a routine basis. In practice, there was never enough work to fund the rental operation as a self-contained business, but I was pleased to offer it as a service to other engineers. These days, the cost of keeping the equipment available and in current calibration would exceed the income from rentals.

Since AP opened their own UK office, having split from TTi, they started offering a rental service which can provide the latest APx models, etc. I can't really compete with a manufacturer renting their own stuff - after all, they don't even have to pay for it! They can also offer a 'rent to buy' option. I suspect that their service is not as flexible as mine, in terms of fast response, and willingness to rent for short periods, but you can ask.

I also heard that Prism Sound would rent a dScope-III, although I couldn't find a reference on their web site. Perhaps people were blagging extended 'demos'. Again, difficult to compete with manufacturers renting their own stuff ...

Let me know if the manufacturers can't help, but in theory, they should provide the best solution for you.

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