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Rental Services

Over many years of troubleshooting audio and video equipment, certain items of test equipment have proved invaluable at Myring Wiring. Some of these are now available
on a rental basis to engineers, designers, and manufacturers (initially within the UK only).

Audio Precision systems are industry-standard for audio measurement, and a
comprehensive range is available. If you are developing a new product, need to
increase production on an existing line, or you are simply waiting for your own
system to be repaired or calibrated, you may find rental to be a cost-effective option.

Prism Sound are highly regarded for their digital audio products, and now they have
turned their expertise to the design of a new audio test set, the dScope Series III.

Products from other leading manufacturers including Aardvark, CB Electronics,
Motionworks and NVision provide solutions for clocking and machine control.

SMPTE/EBU time code generators and analyzers from Avitel, Alpermann & Velte and Brainstorm are available for testing equipment which uses LTC or VITC.

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